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When Emily, an orphaned young woman with amnesia, dreams of a teenage boy, she senses her memory is finally returning. She's almost certain that she knows him and calls him "Tony." The dreams awake strange powers in Emily. As her confusion grows, she faces the unfathomable truth: Tony is real, and they have a special connection.

Mystical powers transport her to Tony's world, a parallel universe of tribal cultures and magical guides. Tony reveals that Emily belongs to an order of mystical talented young people known as the Children of Odon. Emily is a spellbinder, while other Children of Odon are capable of telepathy or controlling natural forces. 

Tarantu is a disgraced spirit guide, who selfishly wants to destroy the Children of Odon. As Emily and her new friends battle Tarantu, their combined powers grow. New alliances, possible romances, and more uncovered secrets help Emily rediscover the girl she thought she'd forgotten. 

Amazon Review:


The main character is a young female dealing with amnesia. I’m so glad the author didn’t write this character to be a clueless idiot just because she couldn’t remember her early childhood. While she does have questions about her past, it doesn’t hinder her from growing up and becoming a competent, self-sufficient woman; which is where the story begins. (I wish more authors would write female characters like this.)