Teenage Mystery Fantasy Fiction Books

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Children of Odon

ISBN-13: 978-1503102675



When Emily, an orphaned young woman with amnesia, begins dreaming about a teenage boy, she senses her memory is finally returning. She feels she knows him and calls him “Tony”. The dreams awaken strange powers in Emily. As her confusion grows, she faces the unfathomable truth: Tony is real, and they have a special connection.

Mystical powers transport Emily to Tony’s world, a parallel universe of tribal cultures and magical spirit guides. Tony reveals that Emily belongs to an order of mystical talented young people known as the Children of Odon. Emily is a spellbinder, while other Children of Odon are capable of telepathy or controlling natural forces.

Tarantu, a disgraced spirit guide, selfishly wants to destroy the Children of Odon. As Emily and her new friends battle Tarantu, their combined powers grow. New alliances, possible romances, and more uncovered secrets will help Emily rediscover the girl she thought she’d forgotten.

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Kelby, The Halfling Princess - Volume One

ISBN-13: 978-1539656630


Kelby has never seen the world beyond her uncle Dagon’s cottage, his miserable little vegetable garden, and the river that runs past their home. Her uncle fills her head with horrible stories about what would happen if Kelby ever waded into the river or even touched the surface.

Despite these warnings ringing her mind, Kelby is sure that she can hear the water singing to her. One day, she finds the courage to enter the river and breaks free of her uncle’s control. There is a world beyond the river full of wood nymphs, water spirits, fantastic kingdoms, and other wonders. Kelby also realizes that she is from this magical realm. She will have to tap into her inner strength to escape Dagon’s clutches and find her one true home. Along the way, she will meet new friends and reunite with the family she had been forced to forget.

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Lily, The Halfling Shifter - Volume Two

ISBN-13: 978-1981119028


The story of triplet sisters, Kelby, Ren, and Lily, continues in the second book from the Halfling series. The three Limnade princesses are rescued from their Uncle Dagon’s poisoned prison. They are sick, bruised and terrified after the experience. Everyone expects them all to go home to Lake Galit, but Lily does not recover like her sisters and falls into a coma as she lies on the bank of the Adva River. Their mother, Vivian finally has to accept that Lily’s body has chosen earth over water. It was a possibility each of her Halfling daughters faced. Lily could not return to the Lake with her sisters. She would die. Vivian has to make a painful decision to leave her a daughter with their Dryad father, Aiken. Lily’s journey to discover her new life above water becomes increasingly difficult as her body adjusts to life outside the Lake and to her new power no one expected to see in the Black Forest ever again. She was destined to fulfill a prophecy many believed was only a forest myth.

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Ren, The Halfling Spirit- Volume Three

ISBN 13: 9781695826984

The Halfling sisters are finally safe. Kelby is reigning over Lake Galit next to her mother, Vivian. Lily is with the triplet’s father Aiken, and Ren is back in Lake Galit as she continues to heal. Her body is recovering slowly, but when she finally regains consciousness, Ren realizes that the lake may not be her home anymore. Vivian and Kelby have to rush Ren to shore to save her life.  Ren is the true Halfling out of all her sisters and finds that she may have to share her life between earth and water. She has to learn how to live with a new spiritual gift while she joins a war of factions. The fight against Qeb intensifies when new unexpected players enter the ring. Many more elementals are victimized as others risk their lives to save the Black Forest from Qeb’s tyranny.