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Book Review - Dusk Upon Elysium - Tamel Wino

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In Dusk Upon Elysium by Tamel Wino, the author created a dystopia where injustice and totalitarian leadership is cloaked with deception.

Review of The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber A. Logan

After a viral pandemic ravages the world, the military rounds up all its citizens. Anyone infected with the virus is killed and those who survived are placed in solitary confinement. It has been six years since the outbreak and those who survived are considered the lucky ones. However, none of them have been allowed to leave their quarantine cells in all those years. The main character, Geoff, works with a group of developers who he can contact virtually. They are ‘employed’ to create and manage a virtual reality world that the confined citizens can access through a chip implanted in their temples. It’s the only way that they can momentarily escape their confinement. Of course, this scenario is the extreme but considering recent events and lockdowns with Covid 19 it felt eerie. As I read Geoff’s story, I found myself thinking, what if there wasn’t a vaccine for Covid 19? What if we were still in the grips of our own pandemic? How far would we have gone to protect ourselves? It was an interesting Sci Fi take on a real-life event. The main character develops slowly and eventually questions his living situation. I think he starts to realize that he is simply part of a forced workforce who is helping to create a virtual world for an authoritarian leadership. I loved how the mystery built up. I was never sure if there was someone manipulating Geoff and the system behind the scenes. I suspected it but the author kept me guessing. That was exciting and bit nerve wracking at the same time. Keeping me wondering was what moved the story along for me. I must admit though that I was left with a lot of questions toward the end. It seems that there was no firm conclusion to the story. Perhaps that was the author’s intention, but I would have like to know if the characters were ever freed or if their fate was to be imprisoned in the quarantine facility for the rest of their lives. A great read.

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