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Book Review - Legacy - Chris Coppel

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

I was asked to review author Chris Coppel's sci fi mystery novel. Below is my review and a link to Goodreads where the review is posted.

Review of Legacy by Chris Coppel

Thank you to the author and Henry Roi for sending me this book to review. Legacy explores a question we have probably all asked ourselves. Are we alone in this universe? After reading Legacy, I hope we are. For me the story started a little slow but was intriguing enough to keep my attention. I'm not a big horror story reader but this was soft horror and manageable for my sensitivities. There are a few instances where I think the author may have gone into too much detail as he describes places or attire but the suspense kicks in again after a few pages. I think Mr. Coppel is at his best when his characters banter among each other and I enjoyed how the humor broke some of the suspense. I found myself feeling anxious for the characters, excited and horrified at all the right moments. It is a fast paced novel that held my attention to the last page. The author details the main character's back story which builds a connection and empathy with the reader. I enjoyed the book and can see it as a sequel.

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