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Book Review - The Portable Nine - Pete Mesling

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A crime novel book review request from Henry Roi PR for Pete Mesling's The Portable Nine. A fast paced book filled with twists and turns.

Review of The Portable Nine by Pete Mesling

The Portable Nine is a gripping crime novel with many moving parts. However, the author knitted the characters together so perfectly that I never felt lost as each of the Nine is introduced to the reader. Each player is different enough to stand alone both in personality and in the way that the author describes them to us.

They are complicated individuals with questionable lifestyles, but I found myself rooting for them despite their occupations. You come to understand their motives as the story progresses.

I was left guessing ever step of the way and never felt like the plot was predictable.

A continuous theme was loyalty. It was given, taken, expected, and lost which made it somewhat fluid and kept me wondering constantly.

I would say that my only criticism is the abrupt ending but I’m happy to see that the author is working on a sequel. I’m excited to read more.

Henry Roi PR

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