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Book Review - The Pure World Comes - Rami Ungar

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A Henry Roi PR review request for author Rami Ungar's The Pure World Comes. A good vs evil sci fi mystery. Below is my review and a link to Goodreads where the review is posted.

Review of The Pure World Comes by Rami Ungar

The idea of a pure world where pain and suffering doesn’t exist sounds incredible but life is about balance between good and evil. In his book, ‘The Pure World Comes’ Rami Ungar explores the idea. The main character, Shirley, starts out as a maid, but the reader soon learns that she is mature beyond her years. Her difficult past could however not prepare her for the terrifying experiences she is subjected to. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book. The story flows seamlessly and grows in intensity until it explodes at the end. I love stories where the characters evolve with the story. In ‘The Pure World Comes’ we watch Shirley go from being a maid to a brave, super smart young lady who defies the odds. A great read for anyone who enjoys a mystery thriller sci fi story.

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