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Book Review - The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn - Amber A. Logan

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A heartfelt and intimate story of how one woman finds peace after her mother passes away. As she travels this road she rediscovers a tragic moment in her life that changed many lives.

Review of The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber A. Logan

As I read The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by author Amber Logan, I relaxed into the story within the first few pages. It felt relatable. There was a definite theme. I understood that the main character, Mari, was on a journey of grief after her mom's passing. Yet, the story line never felt morbid because Mari allows us to listen to her thoughts. Some are amusing, while we share her fear, grief and sometimes her confusion as well.

For me the juxtaposition of grief and healing was beautiful. It was a wonderful depiction of how different people manifest their emotions.

Amber Logan’s storytelling creates gorgeous imagery. I felt like I walked with Mari as she explored the Yanagi gardens because the author’s words created beautiful pictures in my mind of the inn and its grounds.

Her depiction of each character helped me to understand them, but I would have enjoyed a better description of their physical attributes. However, it did not take away from the story at all. I love how Japanese beliefs and folklore added some mystery, tension but also a sense of authenticity to the story.

A great read and tale of rebirth from grief to healed hearts.

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