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I Am Grateful For My Failures

Updated: May 24, 2022

I choose gratitude, a great attitude and success over failure and loss. It has to be a daily choice.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote on Medium.

To fail at anything is awful, sometimes heartbreaking, and always difficult. Over time and hours of reflection, I’ve realized it’s a gift. I’m grateful for my failures because they’ve shaped my successes.

For years I avoided things because I was afraid of failing. I wasted so much time obsessing over it. In my early twenties I worked for a man who used to say that problems were opportunities. It stuck with me but it’s only now that I hear him. Mr. Millhouse was a stubborn man who scared me a little, but I think his resolve was to never give up. At the time, his determination was intimidating.

Failure Felt Like Judgement

I often thought of failure as a metric of my worth. It was embarrassing and, humiliating. I often avoided a repeat of that circumstance like the plague. That’s why it took me so long to write my first book. I worried that if it wasn’t any good, I would be labeled as a bad writer. Since I desperately want to be a good writer, I avoided writing. I was like an ostrich that sticks its head in the sand to avoid danger. If it doesn’t see it, the danger doesn’t exist. If I don’t write the book, no one can judge me.

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