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We Are Not One Dimensional Beings

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

When someone mentions a personality type, I always feel uneasy. It feels like a box. We all have multiple sides. We are not one-dimensional beings.

We Are Not One Dimensional Beings. Individual independence sets us apart. We are all different and unique.
We Are Not One Dimensional Beings

Two Sides to One Picture

As I drew the circles to map out this flower, I realized that it would evolve from a geometric design to a more fluid creation.

Then it hit me.

Why could it not be both? There’s beauty in its lines and the calculations for each section. There is equal beauty in its more flamboyant twin. Together, they make a whole.

A recognizable flower.

Each Deserved My Time

I shared my time with each side in different ways but in the end, one could not exist without the other.

I’m a lot like this flower. My life is split between planning and creating.

I enjoy being organized. My white markers live in a separate container from the black, brown, and blue sharpies. The pink and red markers are together. I know where they are.

The containers are not the same though. They are decorated with string and faux leather. One has a twine flower and the other doesn’t. My two sides are reflected here. I separate the pen colors but I went creatively rogue on the containers.

Wildflower vs Bouquet

There are days when I’m fancy-free. Like a wildflower. Then, I want to be neatly arranged like a bouquet.

I say, be both. Be a wildflower bouquet. Mix it up a little and embrace every side of who you are.

Life is too short to be boring.

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