My Fur Baby's First Experiences and Beyond Journal-1.jpg

My Fur Baby's First Experiences and Beyond

This journal is dedicated to every fur baby parent who would like to remember all the sweet moments a new dog brings to your life. There will be funny moments you don’t want to forget and milestones worth recording. Whatever your experiences are with your new best friend. As you read this journal years later, it will fill your heart with memories that might otherwise be forgotten.

My Fur Baby's Health and Wellness Journal-1.jpg

My Fur Baby's Health and Wellness Journal

This 6" x 9" dog owner's notebook helps pet parents track their pet’s vet visits, shots, flea and tick applications and has a meal tracker for dogs with digestive issues or picky eaters. 

Zentangle Pad-1.jpg

Zentangle Pad - Tangle Prompts Per Page

A 6" x 9" 100 page zen inspired doodle sketch book. Each page offers a zentangle sketch prompt to get you started on your art piece. It offers crisp white pages suitable for most dry mixed media such as pens, pencils, crayons and more. 

House hunting journal-1.jpg

House Hunting Journal - A Property Checklist

A 6" x 9" 100 page house hunting journal, inspection and checklist for home buyers, realtors and house flippers. Don't miss the details by keeping a log of the property's condition. The notebook includes 20 room decor planning pages as well as many lined pages to make notes.

My Class Tracker and Planner-1.jpg

My Book of Contacts

Building valueable business contacts is as important as making a sale. It often leads to a sale. It takes time and effort to build this library It's equally important to have these contacts listed in a one stop book of contacts where they are organized and easily accessible. This book offers you a way to remember talking points and personal details that help you to build a relationship with clients and business partners.  


My Class Tracker and Planner-1.jpg

My Class Tracker and Planner

A college planner and class tracker for a 12 week school quarter. This journal includes all the tools you need to stay on track during the school quarter. Including class, assignment and tuition tracker pages. 

Recipe Journal-1.jpg

Recipe Journal - Your Recipe Collection

This 6" x 9" 100 page recipe journal is more than a recipe collection notebook. It is also a memory keeper. It is a place to preserve recipes and the memories that go with them. Each recipe page has an adjacent line page for notes or stories linked to the recipe. You have space to add the ingredients, prep time, possible allergens and more. 

Breast Cancer Survivors Journal-1.jpg

Breast Cancer Survivor's Journal - You Are A Cancer Warrior

This 6" x 9" 100 page survivor's journal is a motivational and organization journal for anyone going through breast cancer treatment. The crisp white lined pages will help you to keep track of your thoughts, treatments, questions for your doctor and more. It's a perfect companion gift for a cancer warrior. 

Sketch Pad and Journal-1a.jpg

Sketch Pad and Journal - An Artist's Drawing Book

A 6" x 9" 100 page sketch book and journal. Each lined page has an adjacent blank page. Draw or sketch on the blank page then write your thoughts on the lined page. The Sketch Pad and Journal will turn into your art diary where you can preserve all your creativity. 

Doodle Journal-1a.jpg

Doodle Journal - A Doodle Diary and Notebook

A 6" x 9" 100 page doodle book with seven repeating doodle prompts to jump start your doodle masterpieces. Each art inspiration page has an adjacent lined page to make notes on or use for reflection. It's a perfect gift for anyone who needs a few minutes a day to unwind. Kids and adults alike will love this doodle diary. 

Dream journal Cover 2-1.jpg

Dream Journal - A Dream Keeper Notebook

Never forget a dream again. Record them in this 6" x 9" 100 page dream diary and notebook. Keep it on your nightstand for easy access. Each page encourages you to record how you feel before you go to bed, when you wake up, your dream and your own interpretation of your dream. 

Bird watching journal-1.jpg

Birdwatching Journal - A Bird Watcher's Notebook

Record bird names, habitat, weather conditions, behavior, time, date, markings, additional notes and so much more. The birdwatching notebook is compact and very portable. It makes an excellent gift for ornithology enthusiasts. 

Appreciation journal-1.jpg

Appreciation Journal - A Daily Gratitude Reminder 

The appreciation journal prompts you to record your positive thoughts and what you are most grateful for. It's a positive reminder of all the good in our lives.

Art Journal-1.jpg

Art Journal - An Artist's Sketchpad and Diary

An art journal is a creativity starter, idea keeper and artist's companion. Keep it close, so that when inspiration strikes, your art journal is ready to capture your creations.