My Fur Baby's First Experiences and Beyond

This journal is dedicated to every fur baby parent who would like to remember all the sweet moments a new dog brings to your life. Perhaps your new pet came from a breeder as a puppy or perhaps he was a rescue. It really doesn’t matter. What matters, is that you have a new member in your family. There will be funny moments you don’t want to forget and milestones worth recording. Whatever your experiences are with your new best friend. As you read this journal years later, it will fill your heart with memories that might otherwise be forgotten.


My Fur Baby's Health and Wellness Journal

My Fur Baby’s Health and Wellness Journal is designed to help pet parents keep track of all their pet’s vet visits, shots, flea and tick applications and more. One of the key trackers in this journal is a 30-day meal and activity tracker. When our fur baby came home with us we had no idea what she might like to eat. We quickly found out that she was a picky eater which started a long round of trial and error. We bought food that she loved and then later hated. So we started tracking her diet. It saved us a lot of time and money when we could finally pin point which foods she would eat.

As we visited the vet we have been able to keep track of her medical records which is extremely important. I hope this book helps you as much as it has helped us to keep all our Fur Baby’s details in one easily accessible reference journal. 

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Life - Coloring Book and Journal

Life coloring book and journal offers a relaxing way to color, doodle and write down your thoughts. Each of the twenty coloring pages is paired with a lined page for journaling and an inspirational quote. May this journal join you during all your quiet moments.

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In the Sea - Coloring Book and Journal

In the Sea coloring books and journal offers fifteen coloring pages. Each Zen tangle inspired drawing is unique and designed exclusively for this ocean-themed book. Each illustration is followed by two lined pages and an inspirational quote. 

The journal offers you hours of coloring, journaling, and reflection. It is a perfect rainy day, weekend or travel companion. 

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My Book of Contacts

Everyone in business values their network of contacts because it takes time and effort to build this library of people. I find the following saying very true, "It isn't always what you know. It is often who you know." 

Establishing connections in the business world is as important as making a sale. Being able to flip to a page when someone is looking for a service and being able to provide that information to a friend or colleague is incredibly satisfying. It will often pay off down the line.

The more you network, the harder it is to keep track of all the finer details of each contact. This book offers you a way to remember talking points and personal details that help you to build a relationship with clients.  



My Class Tracker and Planner

Starting a new semester at your old school or a new school is demanding and can be overwhelming. You have to remember your class schedule, rooms numbers, teacher's names, and homework assignments. This journal is designed like a daily and weekly planner that will help you keep on top of all the details you are expected to remember.